I too was in the same situation as many of you. I needed a pet door and my only options were to cut a hole in my brick wall or modify my single French door. I started by getting up every five seconds to let them in or out. Eventually, I would just leave the door open. When the weather got too hot here in Phoenix, I draped a blanket over the door with pins and a small opening at the bottom. Finally, I ended up cutting a piece of plywood the same width of the opening and attached it to the door frame. Once I had that, it gave me the idea of making something more attractive. After a year of trouble shooting, I came up with my finished product. I wanted to make sure it was secure, weatherproof, and as easy as possible to install. I also focused on renters, in regards that there would be no drilling or cutting that had to be done. This is a great solution for anyone with the same situation, at a fraction of the price of altering your home.  This product truly works! 

Ricky Fernandez