How secure is this pet door?

Our pet door has a deadbolt that attaches to your existing hole where your deadbolt enters. On the other side of our pet door, there is a strike plate where your door securely attaches to the pet door. We also provide a security latch that provides extra security at the door knob. 

Can air or bugs get into the house? 

Our pet door is basically designed to mimic your door frame. It is lined with the same weather stripping that you have on your door frame, thus keeping air and bugs out. We also designed a special door or draft sock that hangs down the length of your door where your hinges are. 

Can our door be open while the pet door is attached? 

Absolutely! Our pet door is held up by a toggle latch at the top of the door. This latch applies pressure against the door frame so that the use of screws are not needed. However, any homeowner has the option to screw our pet door into their door frame for added support. As you can see in our photos, the pet door does not intrude into the path of the door opening, which gives plenty of room to go in or out.

Do you ship? 

Yes. We ship though out the United States. We are located in Phoenix Arizona and rates vary. The exact rate will calculate upon checkout. 

What's the turn around time or how long does is take to receive your pet door?

These pet doors are custom made based on your measurements. We can usually ship out within 2-3 days from when you order. Time of delivery depends on where you are located, usually 2-4 days. 

  • Renters who can't install pet door.
  • Homeowners with block construction. 
  • Homeowners who don't want to change or alter their door or wall.
  • Homeowners that are worried about security having a permanent pet door when on vacation.
  • Regular Pet sitting for a friend or relative.
  • People fostering pets



Ideal for 

Detachable Dog Door for French or Hinged doors

Finally, a solution for French doors or renters. Our pet door simply attaches to your door frame, there is no installation. Its design allows the door to become completely sealed, preventing any air or insects from coming into your house. Your door can be locked or you can simply remove the pet door when you leave town or move. When our pet door is attached, you will still have easy access in or out of your home. Click the "BUY NOW" button for prices. We ship through out the U.S. 

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